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Jul 21, 2012 7:00am PDT
that that is the case. >> details about the suspect in the shooting begin to emerge. he is james holmes, a 24-year-old former neuro science graduate. some initial questions have been answered. no he's not tied to any foreign terrorist organization. yes, he seems to have acted alone. no, no prior criminal record. but still unanswered and many think impossible to answer is why. joining me now from aurora, colorado, msnbc's chris jansing. good morning, chris. >> good morning to you marx lisa. i think it is fair to say that is the huge lingering question, why. and we don't have any answers because for all the people that reporters have talked to, friends, people who lived in his apartment complex, they described him as quiet, very few people, if any, seemed to really know him. and he seemed to be very calm and acting typically as he always did, keeping to himself and not just the days but the minutes leading up to this shooting. he is in custody, as you know. he has a law ir. lawyer. so i don't think we'll be getting answers from him any time soon. in the meantime, we'll be getting information on the
Jul 22, 2012 7:00am PDT
. the suspect, 24-year-old james holmes, a former neuroscience graduate student, is being held in solitary confinement, while he awaits a court appearance in the county on monday. yesterday, federal and local authorities disarmed the explosives rigged inside holmes' apartment, designed to kill whomever entered it. police have allowed residents evacuated from surrounding homes to return. let's get the latest from kristen dahlgren from aurora. good morning, kristen. >> reporter: good morning, melissa. you can see holmes' apartment behind me here, the one on the third floor there with windows broken out by authorities. as they were disarming those bombs. his building is still roped off. unclear when residents will be able to return. but as you said, in four buildings surrounding here, they have been allowed back home. i spoke with one woman a short time ago and she said i'm so glad it's over, you can imagine what it's been like for them. meantime, doesn't look like any investigation going on inside right now, but yesterday quite busy here as they worked to disarm what they are calling a sophi
Jul 22, 2012 10:00am EDT
, emergencying on what's happening to james holmes in prison and whether he is still talking to police. we are also hearing some compelling tales of heroism from the century 16 theater. at least three people died shielding their loved ones from the killer's bullets. you are going to hear who some of these folks were. >>> this is a bizarre story with no definitive answers. is katherine jackson, the mother of michael jackson, missing? >>> america, what are you thinking about on this july day in the year 2012? there is a new survey that suggests it is not what you might imagine. there is a tees for you, melissa. back to you. >> thank you, alex and thanks to chef tiffany daley and chef serena johnson, who we can't wait to have back home and to charlotte drukman who has a fabulous book coming out and michael ralph, my friend and colleague at nyu. up next, five minutes in two. lashblast 24hr with anti smudge power will last through all your drama. who knew lashes this big could last this long. lashblast 24hr from covergirl. and on small business saturday bothey remind a nations of the benefits o
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)